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PostWysłany: Nie 12:08, 14 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Coco Chanel handbag the forever classic

This is the original myth that occur throughout most of the major changes in women dress in the twentieth century, one of the forces of women from the very beginning of the last century, Miss Coco Chanel was responsible for causing an elegant and timeless way remains to date and made my brand synonymous with elegance and comfort.
History, to explain the history of chanel need to know a little bit of life to his creator. French designer, who was a symbol of the revolution in the way and the ratio of women in public life,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], acquired the elegance and simplicity, as a means of survival. Mythomaniac never allow their poor origin. And only after her death in 1971,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],that the real facts of her childhood were known to the public. Born in rural France in the city of Saumur, August 19, 1883, was Gabriel Bohner Chanel from his mother at the age of 6 orphaned. Her father Albert Chanel, sent her to boarding school in Overni, where she remained until her teens. However, the simple life provincial town with the desire of Coco Chanel was controversial. She worked as Secretary, and even in cabaret, in which music “Qui qu ‘ à vue Coco” dans le Trocadero “sang (where it was nicknamed Coco-producers).
But, for, in order to succeed in life, was stronger, and hence, she decided to love,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Hunt preferably wealthy men who could help her. This was the first in Coco Chanel Hauptzusammentreffen gender society since the beginning of the twentieth century. Participation in the cavalry officer Etienne Millionaire-bag, she took in Paris at the age of 16 years, reported in the high society of the French capital. Using British coveted Playboy Arthur Capel (many-share love designer and boy was killed in a car accident in 1924) was, it opened its first shop, House of Chanel (Chanel modes), 1910 in early store sold hats for women. Easily, without special decorations of the colors has fascinated München, Jockey Club in the city was troubling. Who is this woman, simplicity of costumes, mingling with men and women, dared to wear? After Chanel decided to devote himself to fashion.
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